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The Kampala MRI centre provides a 1.5 Telsa Magnetic Resonance Imaging services in Uganda. Equipped with 1.5 Telsa Achieva MRI equipment, our vision is to offer the best MRI imaging quality in Uganda. Safe and comprehensive assessments of anatomical/functional status of the body organs that include a wide range of 3D imaging services for anatomical imaging, pre-surgical mapping of functional areas and connectivity, metabolic assessment of body tissues and perfusion for purposes of diagnosis of various disease processes are carried out.

The MRI centre has a full time coverage by a radiologist, and three Ugandan senior staff all who are enrolled in continuous learning programmes to keep abreast with current developments.

Working in collaboration with Bernhoven clinic, a high standard hospital in Netherlands, Kampala MRI centre offers quality International high imaging standards as well as patient centred service, whereby client images can be assessed by radiologists in Netherlands.

MRI services in general include;

  1. Body MRI: Imaging of abdominal and pelvic organs
  2. Neuro MRI: Anatomical and functional imaging of the brain and spinal cord
  3. Musculo-Skeletal MRI: Anatomical of the spine, joints, muscles, nerves and connective tissues.
  4. Vascular MRI: Anatomical and functional images of great vessels, peripheral vessels of the body organs e.g cerebral and renal vessels
  5. Breast MRI: Provides high resolution images of breast and Computer Aided Biopsy Capabilities
  6. Cardiac MRI: Anatomical and functional studies of the heart as well as cardiac functionality

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