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Lecturer- General Pathology

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Position: Lecturer- General Pathology

Reporting to: The Academic Registrar

Job Summary:

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic and motivated academic team at ECUREI. We are seeking a part time medical doctor with a passion for teaching, to help coordinate and deliver the pathology component for some course units both at graduate and undergraduate programs.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Design, plan and implement effective and inclusive teaching and supporting learning activities.
  2. Teach across a range of modules/units or within a subject area using appropriate teaching, learning support and assessment methods and technologies.
  3. Assess the work and progress of students and provide them with constructive feedback.
  4. Coordinate and deliver the pathology component in identified course units.
  5. Create interactive online educational material to deliver to students.
  6. Contribute to award winning educational courses.
  7. Exhibit a passion for innovation and creative academic work.
  8. Contribute to the development and delivery of engaging learning resources that present pathology in a clinically relevant way and promote active learning, problem solving and critical thinking.
  9. Possess substantial experience in relevant research field, with an emerging track record in research in relevant subject.

Skills, Qualifications and experience:

Applicants should have knowledge and expertise in clinical and general/anatomical pathology and ideally possess a post graduate training in general or anatomical pathology. They should also possess teaching skills, with preferably a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Education, from a recognized Institution.

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